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Hannah Pixie for TUK footwear
by Hannah Ray - twitter | instagram | blog
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Hann and Oli <3

Anonymous asked: about the question that asked if Hannah modeled for DD before dating Oli, I'm almost sure she did because there are pictures of her modeling for DD on her insta at the same time that Oli was dating Amanda. Love Hannah btw xoxo

there’s your answer folks! we love her too :D xo

Anonymous asked: Did hannah model for Dropdead before the breakup with Amanda, or does Oli just have a bad habit of hiring his girlfriends lol? I remember Christina (remember her?) also modelled for DD for the tim they were dating.

I want to say Hannah started modelling before they dated. Butttt I mean, if I dated someone who had a clothing line, I wouldn’t mind modelling for it! haha. xx

Anonymous asked: do you know why hannah and oli both covered up their key tattoos?

no I don’t, you can try asking them on Instagram maybe? xo


I feel like they’re building a cute friendship

Deni Marie and Lee Malia